Below are some websites that either represent my projects or I have made significant contributions to their development.
Either way those domains are owned and maintained by me.*

Tvyal is data analysis, modeling and visualizations. It simplifies the complexity of any data-blobs to digestible pieces and forms the T-wings that can help your business fly more effectively. (in development) is developed to solve the problem of fully converting Armenian and Russian documents of any type from ASCII to UTF-8 and back. (in development) strives to become the wings of your continuing education. It offers not only preparation for admission exams but also extensive refresher training to become the professional of the given field.

CFER (in development)

Center for Economic Research is а public organization which operates since 2013 in the fields of economic integration and development of the region. It has done extensive reports for Eurasian Bank of Development and Eurasian Economic Commission among others.

Armenian Economic Journal is published under the auspices of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. It aims to increase the standard of economic research in Armenia.

* is owned by me, which will be the future home of this project

This is a website about me and my work. It somewhat represents my portfolio.
You are here, by the way.